Parallax images & new article layouts

Credit: José Julián Londoño Calle

Pretty cool, huh? Hover your mouse over the image above if you haven't already, and then imagine recreating this with your own images, through the new parallax feature that will become an integral part of your portfolio presentation. This example works on the x-axis, but you'll be able to upload your layers to create a moving image on the y- and z-axis as well!

It works similar to a 3D pop-up book: within Photoshop (or software of choice), render out a minimum of four layers - ideally to include foreground, midground, and background - to upload separately into our new purpose-built program. The more layers you upload (up to twelve) the more impressive the visualization you will be able to create. We hope you will have fun experimenting, and look forward to seeing the artwork fill your portfolios.


We've taken a recent interview submission (thank you, Claudius) and used it to create a full top-to-bottom example of how cool the new article structure can be. There is often great advice which can get lost among the text, where previously the text format of the interviews would be the same throughout. On the new site, we will have much greater scope for customization; for highlighting pullquotes and arranging your artwork in a way which really showcases it best - making it an interview you would be proud to share! Any articles you are involved in too, will get linked from your profile page, so while you can complete your own in-depth biography, you can also divert viewers to check out your interviews and making ofs. (Click for full-size.)

What do you think? Like the new interview style? Itching to try the parallax? Let us know below!