Member page analytics

Easter is nearly upon us and the 3dtotal office is busy busy busy with deadlines, so this week's development update will be a short one. As you will see though, it's a development that continues to lay the foundation for an artist-based, portfolio-friendly experience.

Members will have a range of analytics for their page and their artwork, in graph and statistical form, that can range from 30 days, 90 days, to All time. These analytics will include:

  • Profile views
  • Website click-throughs
  • Creation views
  • Number of likes received
  • Number of followers gained
  • Number of members you've followed
  • Number of creations you've uploaded
  • Most popular work

This will enable you to easily track the popularity of your work, giving you an insight into what is really grabbing the viewer's attention at that time. If you have multiple images online, it can be difficult to keep track of comments, but in this new system you'll quickly be able to see the latest comments; what advice, praise, or critique is being offered.

And with the website click-throughs, we hope that this figure will just grow and grow, showing you just how valuable a 3dtotal profile is as a way to show off your talents and get noticed! The rest of the information is there to be used to help you improve --knowledge is power after all!