3dtotal on the go: new mobile efficiency

Hi everyone! Week four of development and another exciting blog post. The new website is shaping up nicely, so we will look at improved mobile (cell phone) optimization, and member sign-up options.

3dtotal.com as it exists now is not great for mobile viewing, so improving the accessibility of the site was a top priority and something the development team have been working hard to achieve.

As you can see from the above, landing on the homepage will become a much more pleasant and streamlined experience. Scrolling down will reveal all the latest tutorials, interviews, and features, with further content showing up based on your own preferences, worked out by looking at the content you have liked in the past.

From the top-right of the screen you'll be able to access the rest of 3dtotal and your members area. We hope that this added functionality will especially help those of you engaging in the tutorials, with your tablet or phone open on your desk besides your workstation. We know a lot of you work like this, so it was an important change.

The mobile sign-up process is another streamlined improvement. A 3dtotal account will also give you your own URL, allow you to create a complete profile; from your profile picture to social shortcuts, personal website, and biography. You'll then be able to choose your specialisms and job availability (more of which next week).

You'll be able to set your notifications, follow others, like posts, and even mention other artists. Security is also something we are taking very seriously, so you will be notified should someone else log in to your account from another location.

Profile page WIP

Once you have signed up, you'll be able to begin populating your portfolio, liking other artwork to build up your own personal social wall, and saving artwork you particularly like in "Collections."

We have gone for a clean, uncluttered style for your profile pages, but there will be options for customization and other ideas we are working on, to make your profile page something you can really call your own. For example, have you been chosen as a Staff Pick? Then you will get a special badge indicating this. There will be badges for other achievements, which will unlock other features too! Hopefully this will make it a fun, as well as professional, experience. And of course, it will be free.

We hope you like the sound of these changes. Many of them have become standard on other similar websites, but the ideas we have in mind for the future will make 3dtotal a more unique experience. The artwork will always be the core motivator, with presentation paramount, and we hope to give you a platform to show it in its best light. Thoughts and comments? Let us know below!