Your news, interviews, and tutorials on the new site

Thanks to everyone who has contributed their thoughts and ideas so far! It helps that we're not in the dark (see what we did there) about your view of as a resource website, and what it means to you. With that in mind, we wanted to reassure you that even though things are changing, with new features being added, the core of the website will remain the same.

We will continue to host making ofs and commission tutorials. Maybe you're a complete beginner and a new tutorial appears that explains perfectly how to paint hair. Or maybe you're a digital painter looking to expand your knowledge of 3D, and up pops a 3ds Max hard-surface tutorial to get those creative fingers working. Or there's a speed painting guide where the artist has used an interesting technique that speeds up your own workflow. We understand that as beautiful as a piece of work may be, as artists, you are as interested - if not more so - by the methods behind it, than in how it looks on the screen.

Tutorials will have a clearer categorization

As for the tutorials themselves, we will add some further categorization in the form of difficulty level and how long it will take. We will also have much greater customization options for how the tutorials themselves are laid out, meaning we can optimize how they are presented so they are as clear and helpful as possible.

Tutorial view - top of page

Tutorial with embedded video and the new "20:20" feature

Regular visitors also check out our news section, which will continue to feature the latest industry and artist news, from studio developments, off-site tutorials, and features, to impressive animations, new movies, and updates from other artists. You can get an idea of this from the below screenshot, though we are still configuring titles and moving things around. As with a lot of the improvements, we want to streamline it and have the news in a clear, accessible area. And for our book collectors you can see the publication that is coming next.

The news section will feature the usual cool stuff, plus latest 3dtotal news

Another cornerstone of the website are our artist interviews. These allow the artist to connect to viewers and other artists, and give us an insight into their inner workings! It's also an opportunity to showcase their work and gain further fans! We feel it is essential to continue to do these, and to make them as presentable as possible. The new layout options will enable us to really push the presentation side of things, from how we can layout images, to taking pertinent quotes from the artist and highlighting them.

Interviews will take pride of place and link to the artist account

Presentation options will enable us to really showcase the artist

We hope you like the look of these updates. As always, please do comment and let us know what you think. There will be another update next Friday so be sure to check back, or hit Subscribe at the top of the page for a reminder!