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Welcome to our second blog update, and thanks for the feedback so far! The biggest debate at the moment is over how the site will look, with many of you wanting to keep the dark background. We are going for a clean, uncluttered interface, which will include a light theme by default. However, the ability to change the theme is something that has been added to the feature request list. Your feedback is important to us, hopefully this shows we are listening!

The biggest draw of the existing website is, of course, the artwork, so we will now focus on some (not all) of the changes to the way your artwork will be presented in the future. Currently, the only artwork to feature in the gallery is artwork we have selected, meaning there is a whole submission and selection process which we feel is outdated. This process was always limiting to the beginner. With all the tutorials, ebooks, and tutorial books available from 3dtotal, it feels like a disservice not having a way for beginner’s to showcase their work, to gather feedback, and to continue their education side-by-side with the content on the site.

Scroll view

Expanded view

Dedicated 3dtotal members will know we have had a portfolio section for some time but that it was hidden away - we'll be bringing this out front for everyone to use. There was a prestige (we hope!) to being selected for the 3dtotal gallery, and this will remain in the form of staff picks. There will be five top headers for exploring the gallery: Staff picks, Popular, Debuts, Recent, and Following. These are self-explanatory, but excitingly it reveals the ability to be able to follow your favorite artists. This isn’t particularly revelatory, but we hope it indicates our commitment to putting artists and artwork at the centre of the website.

Many sites exist where you can upload your work, so the challenge for us is to offer features and abilities that others do not. There will be your now-standard support for slideshows, videos, and 3D models, but also something we are calling 20:20. You will be able to upload the different stages and/or passes of your work to create a 20:20 image with sliding bars. Moving these bars around will display the different passes or stages of the artwork, which we think is a cool feature!

20:20 display with movable sliders

The site will also be optimized for mobile, so while now you have to go back and forth to view different images, clicking on an image on the new site will enable you to scroll through the images, or click on the image again for the full resolution. This will make viewing the artwork more pleasurable and hassle-free, especially for mobile users (or cell-phone). You will be able to “like” and “save” favorite images, with the usual share and comment options. And finally, when you hover the cursor over a thumbnail, it will scroll through the other images should there be multiple pieces uploaded for one piece.

We do have more to reveal about the gallery and artwork presentation, but for impact, we will wait until there are fully-operational examples. We’re sure you will be excited about the possibilities! Are there any features you find lacking on other sites? Let us know! And be sure to hit Subscribe at the top to get the latest updates.