New 3dtotal website development blog

Welcome to our first blog post. Initially, we will update you with changes that are happening at, but we may also continue this blog indefinitely to keep you in touch with all the exciting things 3dtotal Publishing is up to. The first of those exciting updates is to announce that we are completely overhauling our website.

The last update to the site was in late 2011, and before that it hadn’t changed much in over ten years. Digital art has come such a long way over the years, and while 3dtotal has continued to grow too, not only as a brand and presence, but also with what we do for the art community with our books and other products, there was one area we always felt we could improve, and that time has arrived.

For those of you who were here in the early 2000s here’s a blast from the past, and for newcomers, we’re sure it must be interesting to see our humble beginnings. in 2003

Seven years later and it had barely changed. We added new content on an almost daily basis, becoming a resource for textures and gallery inspiration, for video tutorials, interviews and making ofs. We grew our collection of ebooks and realized there was a need in the art community for quality art books, which is when 3dtotal Publishing was born. in 2010

Eight years on and we are bigger and more successful than ever, publishing a minimum of eight books a year, quarterly magazines, crowd-funding with Kickstarter, printing a highly sought-after anatomy figure range, and even dabbling with card- and board-game creation. As we grew, we were humbled by the real-life cases of artists who had started with one of our books; who we had helped overcome a particular challenge that took them to the next level. Artists who are now full-time in their chosen profession. It is this sense of pride, and a desire to provide the art community with as much as we can to help them along their way, that is channeling our passion into a new website. present

Now begins an eight-week period of updates, culminating in a brand new, artist-focused website, built for you. Each week we will update you with the latest changes and additions to the site, ask you questions, and invite you to become beta testers and tell us what it is you would like to see. Even after the initial eight weeks, the process will continue as we refine the site so it works as well as it can do, for you. Some of you may already have noticed some changes in your account as we begin to migrate the information over, so don't be alarmed. Here's a sneak preview!