Introducing the 3dtotal development blog

Welcome to the 3dtotal developmental blog highlighting the brand new features that will be implemented on Follow as we redesign from the ground up, to ensure that the all-new is a resource that can be used by artists for years to come. Head to the 'Subscribe' tab now to make sure you receive all the latest updates.

New 3dtotal site now live

You may have noticed - the new site is alive and kicking! Thank you to everyone who has offered suggestions and reported bugs, especially over the beta period, it was extremely helpful and will continue to be so in the future. What we have now is an amazing platform upon which to build - a foundation for the future.

The site will continue to grow and evolve as an artist-centric experience, with developments to portfolio and profile options, exciting contests, tweaks to how artwork is viewed, streamlining the mobile experience even more (it's now ten times better than it used to be!), RSS feed support, support for other features, and lots more.

We'll continue to provide tutorials, interviews, reviews, and articles to inspire and help push you - the artist - to the next level. Maybe one day you'll begin clicking on the Jobs tab instead of Tutorials, and applying for your dream job! And if you're already there, maybe you'll appreciate the variety of ways in which you can portray your amazing portfolio on 3dtotal, and stay connected, with features you cannot find anywhere else. #ForeverFree

Thank you.