Introducing the 3dtotal development blog

Welcome to the 3dtotal developmental blog highlighting the brand new features that will be implemented on Follow as we redesign from the ground up, to ensure that the all-new is a resource that can be used by artists for years to come. Head to the 'Subscribe' tab now to make sure you receive all the latest updates.

New 20:20 gallery feature & podcasts

Welcome to the tenth blog update! Lots of great feedback on the last one, we're really pleased that the ability to search by color is something that will be useful to you! But there's no time to linger on that now, as Dwayne Johnson wants you to stop whatever you're doing and check out these two new features!

First up, we'll be adding podcasts to the site. It seemed like a natural step - everyone listens to them these days, and we already heavily feature artist interviews and VFX articles. We're still figuring out the details, but for now, you can follow the 3dtotal Podcast on SoundCloud, and enjoy this debut interview with WETA Digital Animation Supervisor Dave Clayton, talking about the creatures of The Rock's latest movie, Rampage. Non-resident but long-time contributor Trevor Hogg is your host.

Next up, we'd like to show you a working example of the 20:20 gallery image feature. It's a single image with sliding bars (showcased previously) which, when moved around, can reveal different levels or passes of your artwork. This is great for peeling away the workflow and mysteries hidden behind a piece - it'll make for a nice presentation option in your portfolio, but is also a practical option for showing off your abilities.

Image credit: Farid Ghanbari

Hope you like the look of these additions! We're working hard to bring everything together, so the next update will be in another two weeks. We're very, very close to beta testing now - it's getting exciting!